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13.0.0-next.0 (2021-08-11)


Commit Description
77fe6c4 fix(@angular/cli): update engines to require node 12.20.0
c0f1b5e fix(@angular/cli): show error when using non-TTY terminal without passing --skip-confirmation during ng add
259e269 fix(@angular/cli): merge npmrc files values


Commit Description
3ba13f4 feat(@schematics/angular): add noImplicitOverride and noPropertyAccessFromIndexSignature to workspace tsconfig
a7b2e6f feat(@schematics/angular): update ngsw-config resources extensions
f227e14 fix(@schematics/angular): updated Angular new project version to v13.0 prerelease
268a03b feat(@schematics/angular): add migration to update the workspace config
5986bef feat(@schematics/angular): remove deprecated options
9fbd166 feat(@schematics/angular): remove IE 11 specific polyfills


Commit Description
b9e7f89 fix(@angular-devkit/schematics-cli): log when in debug and/or dry run modes


Commit Description
d67e7ad fix(@angular-devkit/build-angular): ensure native async is downlevelled in third-party libraries
8e82263 perf(@angular-devkit/build-angular): use esbuild/terser combination to optimize global scripts
e95ecb8 feat(@angular-devkit/build-angular): deprecate deployUrl
cb7d156 perf(@angular-devkit/build-angular): use esbuild as a CSS optimizer for global styles
cdfaeee fix(@angular-devkit/build-angular): support both pure annotation forms for static properties
2aa6f57 fix(@angular-devkit/build-angular): do not consume inline sourcemaps when vendor sourcemaps is disabled.
167eed4 fix(@angular-devkit/build-angular): update Angular peer dependencies to v13.0 prerelease
7dcfffa feat(@angular-devkit/build-angular): drop support for karma-coverage-instanbul-reporter
f5d019f fix(@angular-devkit/build-angular): avoid attempting to optimize copied JavaScript assets
8758e44 fix(@angular-devkit/build-angular): handle null maps in JavaScript optimizer worker
f53bf9d feat(@angular-devkit/build-angular): add type=module to all scripts tags
20e48a3 feat(@angular-devkit/build-angular): remove deprecated options
7576136 feat(@angular-devkit/build-angular): remove automatic inclusion of ES5 browser polyfills
701214d feat(@angular-devkit/build-angular): remove differential loading support
e78f6ab feat(@angular-devkit/build-angular): remove deprecated tslint builder
ac3fc27 feat(@angular-devkit/build-angular): drop support for node-sass
c1efaa1 fix(@angular-devkit/build-angular): calculate valid Angular versions from peerDependencies
d750c68 fix(@angular-devkit/build-angular): add priority to copy-webpack-plugin patterns


Commit Description
6153530 fix(@angular-devkit/build-webpack): emit result when webpack is closed


Commit Description
0c92ea5 feat(@angular-devkit/core): remove deprecated schema id handling


Commit Description
8954d11 feat(@angular-devkit/schematics): remove deprecated isAction
053b7d6 feat(@angular-devkit/schematics): remove deprecated tslint APIs


Commit Description
d2a97f9 fix(@ngtools/webpack): update Angular peer dependencies to v13.0 prerelease

Breaking Changes


  • We removed several deprecated @schematics/angular deprecated options.
    • lintFix have been removed from all schematics. ng lint --fix should be used instead.
    • legacyBrowsers have been removed from the application schematics since IE 11 is no longer supported.
    • configuration has been removed from the web-worker as it was unused.
    • target has been removed from the service-worker as it was unused.


  • We drop support for Node.js versions prior to 12.20.


  • Support for karma-coverage-instanbul-reporter has been dropped in favor of the official karma coverage plugin karma-coverage.

  • With this change we removed several deprecated builder options

    • extractCss has been removed from the browser builder. CSS is now always extracted.
    • servePathDefaultWarning and hmrWarning have been removed from the dev-server builder. These options had no effect.
  • The automatic inclusion of Angular-required ES2015 polyfills to support ES5 browsers has been removed. Previously when targetting ES5 within the application's TypeScript configuration or listing an ES5 requiring browser in the browserslist file, Angular-required polyfills were included in the built application. However, with Angular no longer supporting IE11, there are now no browsers officially supported by Angular that would require these polyfills. As a result, the automatic inclusion of these ES2015 polyfills has been removed. Any polyfills manually added to an application's code are not affected by this change.

  • Differential loading support has been removed. With Angular no longer supporting IE11, there are now no browsers officially supported by Angular that require ES5 code. As a result, differential loading's functionality for creating and conditionally loading ES5 and ES2015+ variants of an application is no longer required.

  • Deprecated @angular-devkit/build-angular:tslint builder has been removed. Use instead.

  • We remove inlining of Google fonts in WOFF format since IE 11 is no longer supported. Other supported browsers use WOFF2.

  • Support for node-sass has been removed. sass will be used by default to compile SASS and SCSS files.


  • With this change we remove the following deprecated APIs

    • TslintFixTask
    • TslintFixTaskOptions

    Note: this only effects schematics developers.

Special Thanks:

Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, Doug Parker, Joey Perrott and originalfrostig

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