npm @angular/cli 12.2.11

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2 years ago

12.2.11 (2021-10-20)


Commit Description
fix - e0112603c add engine field support for npm 8 and higher
fix - b93e63ff6 correct grammar error in Analytics consent prompt
fix - 008094bd1 run stable migrations when package version is prerelease


Commit Description
fix - 227bf2e86 add "Failed to compile" message
fix - 6173609c5 transform remapped sourcemap into a plain object
fix - 349047523 update esbuild to 0.13.8
fix - 892eeadd1 update mini-css-extract-plugin to 2.4.2
fix - 8d52d9b7f use a separate worker pool for i18n inlining

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, Extacy and Sushrit_Lawliet

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