npm @angular/cli 12.1.0-next.6

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2 years ago


@angular-devkit/build-angular (12.1.0-next.6)

Commit Description Notes
don't parse `new Worker` syntax when `webWorkerTsConfig` is not defined in karma builder [Closes #21108]
explicitly set compilation target in test configuration [Closes #21111]
use the name as chunk filename instead of id
enable opt-in usage of file system cache

@angular/cli (12.1.0-next.6)

Commit Description Notes
handle unscoped authentication details in `.npmrc` files
don't resolve `.npmrc` from parent directories

@schematics/angular (12.1.0-next.6)

Commit Description Notes
add migration to replace deprecated `--prod` [Closes #21036]

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Joey Perrott, Alberto Calvo, Charles Lyding

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