npm @angular/cli 12.1.0-next.3

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3 years ago


@angular-devkit/build-angular (12.1.0-next.3)

Commit Description Notes
enable webpack Trusted Types support
deprecate protractor builder
ensure Sass worker implementation supports Node.js 12.14
don't add `.hot-update.js` script tags [Closes #20855]
correctly generate ServiceWorker config on Windows [Closes #20894]
ensure latest inline stylesheet data is used during rebuilds
allow i18n extraction on application that uses web-workers [Closes #20930]
hide stacktraces from dart-sass errors
resolve absolute outputPath properly [Closes #20935]
show `--disable-host-check` warning only when not using `disableHostCheck` [Closes #20951]
disable CSS optimization parallelism for components styles [Closes #20883]
load postcss-preset-env configuration once

@angular/cli (12.1.0-next.3)

Commit Description Notes
show Node.js version support status in version command [Closes #20879]
ng update on windows to allow path

@ngtools/webpack (12.1.0-next.3)

Commit Description Notes
re-emit component stylesheet assets [Closes #20882]

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, Doug Parker, Bjarki, Hassan Sani, JoostK, George Kalpakas, Joey Perrott

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