npm @angular/cli 12.0.0-rc.2

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3 years ago


@angular-devkit/build-angular (12.0.0-rc.2)

Commit Description Notes
disable CSS declaration sorting optimizations [Closes #20693]

@angular/cli (12.0.0-rc.2)

Commit Description Notes
don't display options multiple times in schematics help output
change package installation to async
infer schematic defaults correctly when using `--project` [Closes #20666]

@ngtools/webpack (12.0.0-rc.2)

Commit Description Notes
rebuild Angular required files asynchronously
reduce source file and Webpack module iteration

@schematics/angular (12.0.0-rc.2)

Commit Description Notes
add "type" option in enum schematic
only run `emitDecoratorMetadata` removal migration in safe workspaces
replace `clientProject` with `project`

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, Keen Yee Liau, Sam Bulatov, Doug Parker

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