npm @angular/cli 12.0.0-rc.1

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3 years ago


@angular-devkit/build-angular (12.0.0-rc.1)

Commit Description Notes
remove left-over `forkTypeChecker` option
output webpack-dev-server and webpack-dev-middleware errors
improve incremental time during Karma tests
avoid async downlevel for known ES2015 code

@angular-devkit/core (12.0.0-rc.1)

Commit Description Notes
improve handling of set schema values [Closes #20594]

@angular/cli (12.0.0-rc.1)

Commit Description Notes
add package manager name and version in `ng version` output
Support XDG Base Directory Specfication

@schematics/angular (12.0.0-rc.1)

Commit Description Notes
remove jasmine-spec-reporter and ts-node from default workspace
remove Protractor from home page
remove lint command from package.json [Closes #20618]
avoid unuse imports for canLoad guard generation
fix migration for namedChunks and option

@angular-devkit/schematics-cli (12.0.0-rc.1)

Commit Description Notes
accept windows like paths for schematics

Special Thanks

Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, Joey Perrott, Cédric Exbrayat, Doug Parker, Joshua Chapman, Billy Lando, Santosh Yadav, mzocateli

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