npm @angular/cli 12.0.0-next.0

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3 years ago


@angular-devkit/build-angular (0.1200.0-next.0)

Commit Description Notes
add `postcss-preset-env` with stage 3 features
ensure i18n extraction sourcemaps are fully configured
the root Tailwind configuration file is always picked
fixed ignoring of karma plugins config [Closes #19993]

@angular-devkit/core (12.0.0-next.0)

Commit Description Notes
ensure job input values are processed in order

@angular/cli (12.0.0-next.0)

Commit Description Notes
update NPM 7 guidance

@ngtools/webpack (12.0.0-next.0)

Commit Description Notes
reduce overhead of Angular compiler rebuild requests

@schematics/angular (12.0.0-next.0)

Commit Description Notes
strict mode by default
add migration to remove deprecated options from 'angular.json'
only update removed v12 options in migration

Breaking Changes

set minimum Node.js version to 12.13 (d1f6169)

Node.js version 10 will become EOL on 2021-04-30. Angular CLI 12 will require Node.js 12.13+ or 14.15+. Node.js 12.13 and 14.15 are the first LTS releases for their respective majors.

@angular-devkit/build-angular: remove file-loader dependency (6732294)

The unsupported/undocumented, Webpack specific functionality to `import`/`require()` a non-module file has been removed.


import img from './images/asset.png';


<img src="images/asset.png">

Special Thanks

Renovate Bot, Charles Lyding, Alan Agius, Doug Parker, Bruno Baia, Amadou Sall, S. Iftekhar Hossain

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