npm @angular/cli 11.2.5

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3 years ago


@angular-devkit/build-angular (0.1102.5)

Commit Description Notes
support writing large Webpack stat outputs
don't load an input sourcemap from file when using Babel
display correct filename for bundles that are ES2016+
enforce Babel not to load sourcemaps from file
remove Webpack Stats.toJson usage in karma plugin
remove Webpack Stats.toJson usage in analytics plugin
skip FESM2015 from `async` transformation

@angular/cli (11.2.5)

Commit Description Notes
remove `project` from required properties in ng-packagr schema

@ngtools/webpack (11.2.5)

Commit Description Notes
remove saving Angular compiler in JIT watch mode
use precalculated dependencies in unused file check
avoid adding transitive dependencies to Webpack's dependency graph
avoid full compiler lazy route analysis on JIT rebuilds

@schematics/angular (11.2.5)

Commit Description Notes
remove Native value from viewEncapsulation option
fix youtube icon margin

Special Thanks

Charles Lyding, Alan Agius, Doug Parker, Mouad Ennaciri, Omar Hasan

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