npm @angular/cli 11.0.0-next.1

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3 years ago


@angular-devkit/build-angular (0.1100.0-next.1)

Commit Description Notes
Switch to karma-coverage [Closes #17757]
set logging level to verbose when using `--verbose`
filter unactionable System.import webpack warning
update Angular peer dependencies to 11.0 prerelease
consider ascii_only terser setting when counting components in analytics
improve debugging experience
generate sourcemaps with relative paths in monorepo [Closes #17046]

@angular-devkit/build-optimizer (0.1100.0-next.1)

Commit Description Notes
remove decorators calls when tslib helpers are inlined [Closes #18682]

@ngtools/webpack (11.0.0-next.1)

Commit Description Notes
emit `require` in replace resources when using CommonJS as module [Closes #18718]
update Angular peer dependencies to 11.0 prerelease

Special Thanks

Renovate Bot, Alan Agius, Charles Lyding, Doug Parker, santoshyadavdev, Jefiozie, Aristeidis Bampakos, Keen Yee Liau, Andrei Alecu

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