npm @angular/cli 10.1.0-rc.0

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3 years ago


The @angular-devkit/build-ng-packagr package has been deprecated. Exported API's and builder are now available from @angular-devkit/build-angular.

@angular-devkit/architect (0.1001.0-rc.0)

Commit Description Notes
support async generator based builders

@angular-devkit/build-angular (0.1001.0-rc.0)

Commit Description Notes
allow transformation of i18n extraction builder configuration [Closes #16679]
support @angular/localize 10.1.0
handle base tag endOffset in index.html generation [Closes #18381]

Special Thanks

Charles Lyding, Alan Agius, Renovate Bot, Hari G, Keen Yee Liau

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