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18.0.0-next.2 (2024-03-28)


Commit Description
fix - 7fc7f3f05f capture all control flow branches for content projection in if blocks (#54921)
fix - a369f43fbd capture switch block cases for content projection (#54921)
fix - eb625d3783 declare for loop aliases in addition to new name (#54942)
fix - bfd0bd574e invoke method-based tracking function with context (#54960)
fix - e1650e3b13 throw error if item name and context variables conflict (#55045)


Commit Description
feat - 5bd188a394 add partial compilation support for deferred blocks (#54908)
feat - b02b31a915 drop support for TypeScript older than 5.4 (#54961)
fix - 78188e877a add diagnostic if initializer API is used outside of an initializer (#54993)
fix - 694ba79cbf report cases where initializer APIs are used in a non-directive class (#54993)
fix - 6219341d26 report errors when initializer APIs are used on private fields (#54981)


Commit Description
feat - a600a39d0c add support for fallback content in ng-content (#54854)
fix - 658cf8c384 ComponentFixture stability should match ApplicationRef (#54949)
fix - 2fc11eae9e account for re-projected ng-content elements with fallback content (#54854)
fix - 1c0ec56c46 correctly project single-root content inside control flow (#54921)
fix - 86a359b399 establish proper injector resolution order for @defer blocks (#55079)
fix - e02bcf89cf Fix clearing of pending task in zoneless cleanup implementation (#55074)


Commit Description
fix - cf73983fdc include transferCache when cloning HttpRequest (#54939)
fix - 13554f9637 manage different body types for caching POST requests (#54980)


Commit Description
fix - 6d1b82df32 allow external projects to use provided compiler options (#55035)
fix - 4166dfc1b6 prevent underlying TS Service from handling template files (#55003)


Commit Description
fix - 63688714ae account for variables in imports initializer (#55081)


Commit Description
fix - 60f1d681e0 preserve replaceUrl when returning a urlTree from CanActivate (#54042)
fix - eae75ff3f9 RouterLinkActive will always remove active classes when links are not active (#54982)

Breaking Changes


    • Angular no longer supports TypeScript versions older than 5.4.


  • ComponentFixture.whenStable now matches the
    ApplicationRef.isStable observable. Prior to this change, stability
    of the fixture did not include everything that was considered in
    ApplicationRef. whenStable of the fixture will now include unfinished
    router navigations and unfinished HttpClient requests. This will cause
    tests that await the whenStable promise to time out when there are
    incomplete requests. To fix this, remove the whenStable,
    instead wait for another condition, or ensure HttpTestingController
    mocks responses for all requests. Try adding HttpTestingController.verify()
    before your await fixture.whenStable to identify the open requests.
    Also, make sure your tests wait for the stability promise. We found many
    examples of tests that did not, meaning the expectations did not execute
    within the test body.

    In addition, ComponentFixture.isStable would synchronously switch to
    true in some scenarios but will now always be asynchronous.


  • When a a guard returns a UrlTree as a redirect, the
    redirecting navigation will now use replaceUrl if the initial
    navigation was also using the replaceUrl option. If this is not
    desirable, the redirect can configure new NavigationBehaviorOptions by
    returning a RedirectCommand with the desired options instead of UrlTree.

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