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🚀 New features and improvements

  • Update /manage interactive link styles (#4782) @fqueiruga
  • Winstone 5.10: Update Jetty from 9.4.27 to 9.4.30 (#4811) @oleg-nenashev
  • Winstone 5.10: Add –httpsRedirectHttp option that activates automatic HTTP request redirects to HTTPs (#4811) @oleg-nenashev
  • JENKINS-62750 - Transform RSS bar items into transparent buttons (#4816) @fqueiruga

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • JENKINS-61823 - Winstone 5.10: Fix –httpKeepAliveTimeout (#4811) @oleg-nenashev
  • JENKINS-62695 - Use daemon threads for SCMTrigger so Jenkins shuts down gracefully. (#4805) @johnou

👷‍♂️ Changes for plugin developers

  • JENKINS-26097 - Adjust label expression auto-completion and validation (#4774) @Zastai
  • Allow f:repeatableHeteroProperty to pick up field from f:entry (#4807) @Vlatombe
  • JENKINS-62688 - Use user ID instead of full name in User.toString() (#4803) @jtnord

All contributors: @AlessandroMenti, @MRamonLeon, @Vlatombe, @Zastai, @fqueiruga, @jenkins-release-bot, @johnou, @jtnord, @oleg-nenashev and @timja

one month ago