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Disclaimer: This is an automatically generated changelog draft for Jenkins weekly releases.
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🚀 New features and improvements

  • Fix theming of Keep this build forever action (#4814) @timja
  • JENKINS-62698 - Restyle hyperlinks to make them look more modern and readable (#4808) @fqueiruga
  • Improvements to of scheduler (#4783) @takashiharano

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • JENKINS-61438 - Update Stapler version from 1.259 to 1.260 (#4813) @rahulsom
  • JENKINS-62714 - Replace esclave with agent in French documentation (#4801) @clywyk
  • JENKINS-62622 - Do not throw exception with nonpublic plugins (#4802) @daniel-beck
  • Fix a typo in Lithuanian translation. (#4809) @stikonas

👷‍♂️ Changes for plugin developers

  • JENKINS-62345 - Introduce FingerprintStorage API in core (#4731) @stellargo

All contributors: @MarkEWaite, @clywyk, @daniel-beck, @fqueiruga, @oleg-nenashev, @rahulsom, @stellargo, @stikonas, @takashiharano, @timja and release-bot

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