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This release changes the format of the configuration file. In particular, the sketchbook_path settings has been renamed to user and grouped together with other similar settings with this format:

  data: /home/user/.arduino15
  downloads: /home/user/.arduino15/staging
  user: /home/user/Arduino

In order to partially keep backward compatibility, the environment var ARDUINO_SKETCHBOOK_DIR will keep existing and point to the User folder.

Additionally, starting from this release, the macOS binary is generated following Apple notarization process specifications (more info here)

Breaking Changes

3809fc3 Remove Sketchbook concept, introduce User data folder (#516)
e164137 “lib list” now returns an empty json array when there are no libraries installed (#511)
f2df284 Change configuration file format (#487)
c30151b Terminate daemon command when parent process exits; added “–daemonize” flag to keep old behaviour (#488)


596f4e4 Add gRPC interface to CLI settings (#521)
6b047bb Set the daemon TCP port from config file or command line (#513)
4f3fec6 feat: Libraries (un)install name inconsistency (#443)
2049a7a GRPC serial monitor: Fix unhandled error (EINTR) that leaves serial port open (#507)
3ad9cf8 Look for query string into more fields when searching for libs (#499)
da8fc05 Avoid panics when compiling for custom boards (#491)
0ccd608 Support .pde extension by compile when only folder specified (#386) (#490)
b544181 Added library dependency support (#351)
5df98ee Add “–all” option to “core search” to show all available versions (#483)
d3c1d50 Auto-disable (deep) caching of core builds if needed (#479)
37434d1 Print “multiple libraries found for header.h” message only when it really happens. (#478)
bc6c823 Allow loading of global user-customizable platform.txt (#472)
4ef8138 Fixed nil pointer exception on some rare case with multiple libs selection (#477)
007b581 Board identification: always check vid.1/pid.1 (#463)
ef63c62 Fix handling of referenced cores (#467)
cf1c3ab Use a local Walk function (#421)
e51df0d Fixed upload issue on esp32 (partitions artifacts copy) (#457)

7 months ago