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c588011 Add –additional-urls flag (#316)
aef7461 Add an option to format logs with JSON (#378)
5d72d53 Add code-cov badge to README (#343)
bd20ce6 Add install script and update install instructions (#324)
404163a Add nightly build links under the download section (#267)
f034233 Add parallel jobs field to proto and rerun protoc
d7643ae Add s3 upload support in .goreleaser.yml via blob configuration (#314)
7f0f2d3 Added .DS_Store to the .gitignore. (#368)
a17ecb9 Added arm64 support (#204)
e249fbf Added integration test (#282)
620a4c1 Assert output is empty (#297)
f3efd0c Changed AdditionalSketchFilesCopier legacy command into new builder API function (#293)
f9ebd6b Check if variantFolder exists and is a folder (#359)
c750434 Compare properites maps “without ordering” while looking for changes in build options
d80c29e Core search/list now return boards in a platform (#268)
35722fd Create a compile+upload combo command (#326)
ce6c187 Defaults to runtime.NumCPU() if specified jobs number is 0
37a8e5e Do not hit github api to get latest version from install script (#347)
eb1091c Fix architecture mapping for raspberrypi (#338)
d81cbbf Fix compile error when –preprocess or –show-properties were passed (#331)
843e3c3 Fix download link for Mac OSX (#259)
e9b4def Fix misspelled word in issue template (#254)
d876ac9 Fix time format RFC3339 in version #283 (#287)
8507cbe Fixed Preprocess task in legacy builder
0785c72 Fixed race condition at the edge of builds. Using queue channel.
3a71131 Make the serial discovery execution atomic (#365)
1628b39 Merge pull request #265 from arduino/massi/sketch
3d797f5 Merge pull request #272 from arduino/massi/monitor
721ab25 Merge pull request #291 from arduino/massi/core-upgrade
633e9ab Merge pull request #298 from arduino/massi/lib-install
8f52678 Output library resolution details only at higher verbosity
62f7ed5 Ported
f2d14b2 Query the backend to get the fqbn when a core is not installed (#336)
68e82ba Rewrite the output system (#345)
f8fb5de Run integration tests in isolation (#302)
5a4f31d Run integration tests on the CI (#296)
38e831c Run tests on Appveyor (#303)
519d87a Run tests on (#247)
5858721 Sketch preprocessing should just output preprocessed sketch
8292709 Skip tests we cannot run on Drone (#309)
fffa451 Slightly simplify utils.compileFileWithRecipe
87780d7 Sync board list to avoid race conditions (#308)
36e36cf Update single libraries (#315)
39660d4 Upgrade protobuf on the CI (#335)
19f5f9f Use BoardsManifest if Boards is not applicable (#294)
6e7e8d1 Use goreleaser to build the full binary matrix (#311)
764fa09 Use jobs flag to really control number of concurrent compilations
bbf497e Use same default data dir as the IDE on OSX (#310)
dd6f633 Windows archives have a different extension (#339)
73dd88b [ci skip] ask for the full command line (#332)
296c872 [ci skip] fix label name (#289)
d511e2b [skip changelog] Add Appveyor badge to the readme (#318)
3e0b555 [skip changelog] Add Github workflow to push nightlies (#369)
cada486 [skip changelog] Migrate tests to GH actions (#352)
fc780ef [skip changelog] Remove protobuf workaround on AppVeyor (#329)
e3c2953 [skip changelog] Revert the gRPC client example to a runnable go program (#361)
c67e23a [skip changelog] [skip ci] Add latest redirect links for nightly builds (#381)
4d36bac [skip changelog] deprecate latest links (#346)
b035918 [skip changelog] remove drone pipeline (#380)
d165d60 [skip changelog] run workflow on PRs as well (#371)
5e1627d [skip changelog] upload coverage only on push events (#375)
cb5de1c [skip ci] Update nightly links and add nightly checksum link (#328)
02fa105 [skip ci] add editorconfig file (#320)
00840b0 do not exit with an error if lib is not present (#299)
311edfa fail fast on legacy code
5057a02 fix JSON marshal for platforms
95c7e9d fix drone pipeline
3d95ff4 fix error creation
a57cf78 fix examples output (#330)
ae3881b fix golden files accordingly to changes to the sketch merger
eed6d58 fix legacy code
f179a91 fix missing subcommands
3656f47 fix regex and add test
18d9529 fixed tests to work with the new layout, marked as integration tests
a32e90a forgot to check both cases
07a1cb2 make goreleaser aware of RCs (#323)
4454422 make tests independent from each other (#317)
aa21da5 mod tidy (#284)
54095c9 move default include files where protoc can find them (#288)
dfb9796 rearrange cli commands
189737a refactor the way core list is built
0c95087 remove build date from the version (#300)
4a8523b remove commands in favor of a new builder API (#264)
ca12012 remove emptyness test, it depends on the state of the machine running the tests
5f5823a remove misleading define
15ee5b1 remove redundant tests (#301)
683e53e remove unused package
40b8d53 removed SketchSourceMerger
2908e3b removed unused package (#321)
d062442 removed unused shell script (#269)
08b6e95 removed unwanted checked in module
a93b4b8 removes additional “=” sign from .goreleaser.yml build config causing wrong commit checksum string in version info (#376)
7aecdba report and catch a specific error when already installed
8c18ef5 restored LoadSketch tests
81fa396 return a specific error if core is up to date
549b0fb rewrite the list logic (#382)
ccba1a0 update everything when no args are passed
b257549 updated download links with linuxarm32 and linuxarm64 links (#307)
1e04528 use MergeSketchSources instead of the command
c8edd76 use a better naming for output functions
2a6a03e use sketch.Item
d550b66 use workflow badge (#363)

latest releases: 0.12.0-rc1, 0.11.0-rc1-62-g72c9655f, 0.15.0...
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