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3be2287 Don’t scan hidden directories in arduino-builder (.git, etc.) (#366)
549b0fb Rewrite the list logic (#382)
aef7461 Add an option to format logs with JSON (#378)
fffa451 Fix cached build #367
3a71131 Make the serial discovery execution atomic (#365)
68e82ba Rewrite the output system (#345)
f9ebd6b Check if variantFolder exists and is a folder (#359)
8f52678 Output library resolution details only at higher verbosity
ce6c187 Defaults to runtime.NumCPU() if specified jobs number is 0
0785c72 Fixed race condition at the edge of builds. Using queue channel.
764fa09 Use jobs flag to really control number of concurrent compilations
f034233 Add parallel jobs field to proto and rerun protoc
35722fd Create a compile+upload combo command (#326)
37a8e5e Do not hit github api to get latest version from install script (#347)
d1afec0 Add packages for ARM v6 (#341)
d81cbbf Fix compile error when –preprocess or –show-properties were passed (#331)
f2d14b2 Query the backend to get the fqbn when a core is not installed (#336)
5858721 Sketch preprocessing should just output preprocessed sketch
7e547b0 Clean up plugglable discovery and refactor serial-discovery usage (#327)

latest releases: 0.12.0-rc1, 0.11.0-rc1-62-g72c9655f, 0.15.0...
11 months ago