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c588011 Add –additional-urls flag (#316)
404163a Add nightly build links under the download section (#267)
d7643ae Add s3 upload support in .goreleaser.yml via blob configuration (#314)
a17ecb9 Added arm64 support (#204)
e249fbf Added integration test (#282)
f3efd0c Changed AdditionalSketchFilesCopier legacy command into new builder API function (#293)
d80c29e Core search/list now return boards in a platform (#268)
843e3c3 Fix download link for Mac OSX (#259)
1628b39 Turn Sketch commands into builder API functions #265
3d797f5 Rearrange cli commands #272
721ab25 Fix the case where no args are passed to the upgrade command
633e9ab Make lib install exit with 0 if library is already present #298
f8fb5de Run integration tests in isolation (#302)
5a4f31d Run integration tests on the CI (#296)
38e831c Run tests on Appveyor (#303)
519d87a Run tests on (#247)
8292709 Skip tests we cannot run on Drone (#309)
87780d7 Sync board list to avoid race conditions (#308)
36e36cf Update single libraries (#315)
19f5f9f Use BoardsManifest if Boards is not applicable (#294)
6e7e8d1 Use goreleaser to build the full binary matrix (#311)
bbf497e Use same default data dir as the IDE on OSX (#310)
02fa105 [skip ci] add editorconfig file (#320)
00840b0 do not exit with an error if lib is not present (#299)
5057a02 fix JSON marshal for platforms
ae3881b fix golden files accordingly to changes to the sketch merger
98b7be9 make goreleaser aware of RCs (#323)
54095c9 move default include files where protoc can find them (#288)
dfb9796 rearrange cli commands
189737a refactor the way core list is built
0c95087 remove build date from the version (#300)
4a8523b remove commands in favor of a new builder API (#264)
7aecdba report and catch a specific error when already installed
81fa396 return a specific error if core is up to date
ccba1a0 update everything when no args are passed
b257549 updated download links with linuxarm32 and linuxarm64 links (#307)

pre-release12 months ago