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Release 0.3.2-alpha.preview
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  • Fixed wrong tool selection when different packages provides the same tools (for example by installing both esp32 + esp8266) #73
  • compile and upload: the output filename is saved without the “config” part of the FQBN, so instead of: arduino.avr.mega.cpu=atmega1280.hex now the file is saved to arduino.avr.mega.hex. The upload command will look for the same file to upload to the board. This fixes path exceeding 246 chars limit on Windows #64
  • compile: the output filename may be overridden with the -o option
  • upload: the input filename may be overridden with the -i option
  • Added the new board details command #45
  • bugfix: the colored output now works in Windows command prompt too
  • bugfix: sometimes the download fails with 403: Forbidden error
  • board listall now accepts a “search” parameter
pre-release21 months ago