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d53a15b Add support for i18n in the cli (#676)
e4d4651 Return non-zero exit code if library install fails due to dependency resolution (#728)
2ad7fb3 Add cli httpclient with support for proxy configuration (#672)
ebc28e1 Compile extract all artifacts in “sketch/build” folder (#687)
c387167 Fixed race condition in builder (#704)
b55722f Remove unused “verbose” field from gRPC Debug service request message (#702)
1c7920f Fix mixed code precompiled libraries (again!) (#611)
6718cf4 Sketch path can now be specified by folder (path/to/sketch/) or by file (path/to/sketch/sketch.ino) (#690)
b62c339 Remove unused Tools struct in boards.proto (#689)
83d7f6e Enhance “board details” command (#674)

pre-release2 months ago