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  • provider resource: implement SetImporter to set schema.Resource.Importer when resource is not importable.
    (PR #116)
  • aws resource: aws_iam_group_membership
    (PR #116)
  • google resources: google_compute_backend_bucket, google_project_iam_custom_role, google_storage_bucket_iam_policy, google_compute_instance_iam_policy
    (PR #97)
  • aws: aws_lb, aws_lb_listener, aws_lb_listener_rule, aws_lb_target_group
    (PR #96)
  • aws: Pagination of all the functions on the reader
    (Issue #13)


  • aws resources: do not write group_membership if the user has no groups.
    (issue #111)
  • filter: update IsExcluded and add IsIncluded to verify multiple resources.
    (PR #96)
  • Provide filters to resource functions instead of tags only
    (PR #92)
  • Upgraded all the Provider and Terraform versions
    (PR #114)


  • Error when importing aws_iam_user_group_membership without groups
    (Issue #104)
  • util/retry now ignores the internal errors format
    (Issue #106)
19 days ago