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  • Added op5 installer
  • Fixed lots of build issues
  • Fixed lot of installer issues
  • Updated lots of dependencies

Full changelog:

* Fixed brakepad (using new bundled cmake code)
* Added support for uploading all resources to github (removed old scp upload)
* Swapped build folder
* Added support for wix 3.1
* Fixed paths in for op5 scripts
* cleaned up the installer and fixed lots of bugs and issues with silent instal as well as options and such
* Fixed migrating over the same store wont update it
* Fixed issue with save updating "child keys" when reading included files.
* Fixed comments with \n in ini files
* updated depds
* Added op5 installer
* Fixed build with new boost
* Added python to vagrant centos <7
* Updated some libs to work on centos 6.x
pre-release4 years ago