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  • Added storeage API
  • Added ${data-path} variable for storing data
  • WebServer: Changed legacy role to a specific role
  • EleasticClient: Fixed crash when server did not respond
  • check_eventlog: Added bookmarks to allow checking only events since last check
  • Added sample zip module (icamp) to showcase how to add configuration at runtime
  • Added remote module zip plugin
  • Added infrastructure for building zip-modules
  • zip-modules: fixed multiple json parsing issues
  • core: Added support for subscribing to multiple events and debug message when no handler matches an event
  • python script: Added support for loading modules from within python scripts during load
  • python script: fixed list configuration sections
  • graphite client: Added support for changing the metrics path
  • Added support for setting hostname in elastic client
  • Added elastic client for sending logs, events and metrics to elastic search
  • Added samples to scheduler
  • Added r/s and average time metrics to scheduler
  • Fixed event name missing module in some cases
  • Fixed missing error when event log thread (will reset the eventlog reader)
  • Added written_str to eventlog to get date as a regular date string (not relative time).
pre-release2 years ago