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  • implemented DELETE for /api/v1/scripts/ext/scripts to delete commands and scripts.
    • Added delete to CheckExternalScritpts to delete scripts: nscp ext delete –script ALIAS will delete the alias and nscp ext delete –script SCRIPT will delete the script.
    • Added scripts controller /api/v1/scripts/ext/scripts to add/remove(not yet) and update scripts.
    • modules rest API now by default shows loaded modules not available modules.
    • Future prooofed the mongoose wrapper a bit by adding an internal structure to userdata
    • Added –import to import a script (copy) to the scripts folder
    • Added new command line show to show script in external scripts module: “nscp ext show –script ALIAS” will show the actual command execute and “nscp ext show –script SCRIPT” will show the content of the script.
    • added text query and regular query to the new API
    • Added new REST API https://localhost:8443/api/v1/modules and https://localhost:8443/api/v1/queries please note this is all a work in progress so use with care
    • Brand new web server with multi thread support.
    • Attached remnants of mongoose-cpp to the local code-base and heavily modified to support multiple threads and modern moongose effectively fixing #444 please note that since this is rather big changes please use with care as bugs might be remote exploitable if you enable the WebServer…
    • Fixed external scripts not showing in command list
    • Fixed #403 reduced cpuload on some servers by only collecting handle information every 10x instead of every iteration
    • Reduced CPU load of checking handles for systems with large number of processes
    • Added syntax=none to remove default values from various top/empty/* syntaxes
pre-release2 years ago