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  • Changed logger to log failed messages to nsclient.fatal (in same folder as service starts from usually system32)
  • ExternalScripts: Fixed command line not showing help
  • settings: Fixed #549 issue with including files inside files.
  • check_process: Fixed #552 check_process process keyword should be case blind
  • WEBServer: Fixed #550 check_nsc_web not working
  • docs: Corrects the key name of the “Include” section
  • docs: Corrected authorization in rest docs
  • check_wmi: Fixed #407 rendering arrays of numbers.
  • WebServer: Changed legacy role to a specific role
  • check_eventlog: Added bookmarks to allow checking only events since last check
  • zip-modules: fixed multiple json parsing issues
  • python script: fixed list configuration sections
2 years ago