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  • REST: Added crude settings API (needs more work before making official)
    • Fixed #435 added support for overriding http verb with X-HTTP-Method-Override
    • Improved error message for 404:s
    • Fixed some issues with enumerating settings keys
    • Removed query from settings protobuf api as it was never used
    • CORE: Fixed listing unloaded modules by name
    • REST: Added POST of modules to upload them
    • REST: Fixed execute_nagios support for plain text putput and fixed return code
    • REST: Fixed segv when parsing privileges
    • WEBServer: Fixed output from nscp web install
    • zip-modules: fixed loading zip-modules without extensions
    • REST: GET …queries/ actually lists scripts not queries
    • REST: Added putting log messages via REST API.
    • Spell checked some docs a bit
pre-release2 years ago