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  • check_eventlog: Added support for audit success/failure keyword filtering Fixed #488
  • zip modules: added support for python script one-liners
  • PythonScripts: Made python scripts compatible with external scripts cli as well as code refactoring
  • check_pdh: Added ignore-errors to make counters return 0 instead of errors: #454
  • Split external script up into chunks
  • zip modules: Added modules and on_start to zip modules to load modules and run commands on start
  • Implemented script support for zip plugins
  • CheckExternalScripts added support for not writing the configuration when adding script (–no-config)
  • Added zip plugin
  • rest: added log api
  • core: Cleaned up plugin manager
  • Split the “core” into multiple classes (still need to cleanup the plugin_manager a bit)
  • Fixed #472 Added sample exclude versus filter
  • Fixed #471 added sample command with perf-config to check_memory
pre-release2 years ago