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2016-11-29 Michael Medin

  • installer: Fixed some regression issues with related to settings fix
  • installer: dumped all keys in log for simpler debug
  • Installer: Improved key handling and removed “have to override keys on msiexec” bug

2016-11-27 Michael Medin

  • Fixed crash if module failed to load
  • Core: Removed mutex from event processing
  • CheckSystem: Real time thread nove logs on TRACE instead of DEBUG
  • PythonScript: Added event support
  • Added functions to API helpers to emit events
  • settings: Added unzip: to attachments to unzip a file of attachments
  • https: Fixed SNI in settings and NRDP
  • CheckSystem: Delayed background threads
  • Improved the https client (doesnt use a double bufffer)
  • Fixed https settings
  • Added miniz as a submodule for unzipping attached file from settings
  • Fixed event record data collection

2016-11-15 Michael Medin

  • CheckSystem: Fixed #341 Crash in check_pagefile when there are no pagefiles

2016-11-13 Michael Medin

  • CheckSystem: refactored various real time filters into separate parts and added check_process
  • PythonScript: Added support for events
  • filters: Added event as target to send result of filters as events
  • Core: Added events
  • system: Fixed regression issue with registry messages
  • filter: refactoring: Added ability to fetch att variables from a filter factory
  • filter: added copy cons to filter_object
  • filter: Added to string methods for filters to provide vbetter error handling
  • filters: Refactored the return data to be simpler (and removed no longer used is_done flag)
  • Filters: Refactored the “template flag” into the function

2016-11-06 Michael Medin

  • Removed attachments (as they are never used)
  • CheckSystem: refactored check_process to a separate module
  • CHeckLogFile: Fixed crash when tracelogging realtime monitoring
  • reset version

2016-10-30 Michael Medin

  • Fixed op5 scripts folder

2016-10-23 Michael Medin

  • NRDP: Added parsing of NRDP server response
  • NRDP: Fixed #331 token missing from NRDP
  • Settings: Fixed #227 migration only saves the root scope
  • Added aliases to settings for future use
  • Improved settings esception to give error from correct line
  • Moved settings and registry query to separate files to make the core more modular
  • Removed “boot settings keys” as they are not really used

2016-10-17 Michael Medin

  • Some more (post) cr-lf fixes
  • Removed unused files
  • Updated and harmonized header comments
  • Changed cr/lf on all files locally
  • Normalize all the line endings
  • Added gitattributes (crlf fix)
  • updated some docs maybe?

2016-10-16 Michael Medin

  • Fixed crash on reload
  • Improved error handling a bit
  • Changed logger from static to factory and cleaned up the log classes
  • removed log to file from service apis for windows (as there is no guarantee the logger is configured)
  • moved replace to ::s namespace

2016-09-14 Michael Medin

  • NRDPClient: Fixed #286 (for real this time), NRDP not working over https
  • http client: changed error to reflect whats wrong (not config error)
  • http client: added error if not compiled with ssl

2016-09-08 Michael Medin

  • Fixed copying of file in centos build
  • check_eventlog: Fixed time/date rendering
  • Fixed missing return

2016-09-05 Michael Medin

  • filters: fixed issue when no filter is specified in realtime checks
  • real time filters: Added more debug messages when no filters match (to better show why)
  • filters: Improved error handler when filters fail
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