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  • Fixed wrong unit test command for lua scripts
    • Removed arguments for unit test as they are not used.
    • Disabled docs if python is missing (or less then 2.6)
    • Switched to regular find python cmake module
    • Added whats new for 0.5.1
    • Fixed error handling when checks crash
    • Added unit test for scheduler
    • python unittest helper lib: Added assert_gt and asser_lt to check values
    • Added –show-all to nscp unit to show all results of the testcase (not just failed ones)
    • Fixed rare crash when logger shuts down
    • Fixed rare crash when scheduler shuts down
    • Fixed scheduler interval being off
    • Added randomness to the scheduler to dictate how much randomness you want (default is 0)
    • core: Fixed loading module with alias via API
    • Fixed exclude parsing when converting CheckServiceState commands (much faster now)
pre-release2 years ago