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  • Eventlog: Added command line for adding real time filter:
    nscp eventlog add –alias foo –log application –target log
    • eventlog: Fixed rendering large (more then 4k) eventlog messages
    • Fixed #426 real time eventlog messages truncated at 512 characters
    • Fixed #428 installer properties not working properly
    • Fixed travis builds
    • Moved docs into the main repository to get out of all the annoying submodule issues
    • Applied #438: check_updates.vbs should return unknown if Windows Update service is disabled
    • Michael now owes Michael Friedrich a beer for his awesome work!
    • Added documentation for APIs
    • installer: Change id of fw exception (but did not affect the guid)
    • installer: Fixed installer command line switches, “op5 mode” and generated password
    • removed pid option on windows
    • installer: Added secondary installer
    • installer: Changed title and added flag to override allow owerwrite
    • Fix writing configuration key ‘WEBServer’
pre-release2 years ago