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  • Fixes tomake sure it builds properly on linux
  • CheckHelpers: Added new mode minmax to xform_perf to add missing minimum and maximum performance data to % commands. (Fixes/Improves #334 and #363 )
  • graphite: Added removal of more invalid graphite chars (% and () Fixes #358
  • check_nscp_nrpe returns wrong status code (for unknown) fixes #359
  • check_nrpe: added support for encoding to client
  • Code cleanup: Organized includes
  • Code cleanup: reorganized string helpers
  • Code cleanup: Harmonized nscp_exception and nscapi_exception into nsclient_exception
  • Code cleanup: Fixed accidentally replaced with wrong license before
  • Code cleanup: removed dead code
  • refactor-core: Moved registry and settings handler out of core
  • Fixed accidental overwriting of section description in config
  • Added support for default values in settings to generate better docs
  • Fixed dependency order for installer
  • Switched documentation to markdown, and improved it a lot
  • Fixed issue with missing loaded plugins from cache
  • Added mkdocs detection
  • First prototype of debian packages
  • check_drivesize: Added mediatype
  • changed attributes on scripts
  • Fixed a bunch of linux/boost compiler issues
pre-release3 years ago