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  • Fixed #315 Fixed invalid host_check for NSCA
  • Fixed #285 missing hostname for NRDP
  • Fixed linux packages
  • Fixed duplicate lua.dll libs
  • pdh: Fixed #296 and #310 compatibility issue with checkCounter and type=double
  • Fixed #288 lua dlls missing in installer
  • Fixed #297 like not ignoring case when comparing strings in filters
  • Fixed scheduler reload not resetting old schedules
  • Change so scheduler logs actual file sinstead of wrapper.
  • removed now defunct old icp protocol
  • Added matches to settings api wrapper
  • Added multiple filter/warn/crit expressions to allow using count separate from items thresholds
  • Moved filter object handling inside filter engine
  • Partial fix for #294: count not working properly when used together with a regular check
pre-release3 years ago