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  • Added new command check_and_forward to forward check results as passive data
    check_and_forward command=check_cpu target=NSCA
  • Added support for %count% in legacy checkEventLog
  • Improved errors in check_eventlog
  • Fixed indexes expansion for check_pdh
  • Breaking change: Eventlog rendering failures are now returned as messages instead of nsclient++ log messages
  • Fixed missing error for check_always_ok when command failed
  • Fixed #261 Invalid return from check_nrpe
  • Update
  • Fixed realtime log file using wrong data
  • Removed tools from non w32 builds (as the only tool is the crash uploader which is windows only)
  • Removed breakpad for non windows builds (as it currently only works on windows)
  • Added support for check_drivesize exclude=c and exclude=d: to make backwards compatiblity better
pre-release4 years ago