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A lot of bugfixes (memory leak) as well as new features for check_eventlog (keyword, task support)

Full changelog:

2015-11-29 Michael Medin
! Release

  • Improved eventlog error messages #177
  • Fixed #209 Added CheckNet to installer
  • Improved console interface for log messages
  • Change the default eventlog command to set warnings for warning in eventlog and crit for errors (instead of using count)
  • Added task, keywords GUID support for eventlog filters
    Fixed #181 (use the task filter)
  • Improved eventlog cli to support listing tasks and keywords
  • Improved the low level eventlog API
  • Fixed logging encoding on console
  • Added support for setting default perf config

2015-11-25 Michael Medin

  • Fixed #199 yet memory leak this time in check_eventlog

2015-11-22 Michael Medin

  • bumed protobuf lib
  • Fixed some jessie build issues (mainly boost 1.0.55 issues) as well as compiler warning essentially fixing #208
  • Fixed #117 invalid perf syntax when specifying none
  • Fixed some potential check_nt issues
  • Fixed #202 check_nt not working in 0.5.x
  • Fixed drive letters with single character
  • Fixed #157 CDROM included in check_nt DISKUSAGE
pre-release4 years ago