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Now all tests pass again so this is a massive bug fix release. I will continue this bug fixing for a few more releases.

Full changelog:

* updated comments [in op5 config]
* Added support for setting arbitrary keys on command line
* Fixed password command line for the web client (i.e. nscp web password)
* Fixed command lines for password in WEB UI
* Service wont restart if it is not started when crashed (ie. running in test mode for instance)
* Fixed locale setting (and error logging for service related errors)
* Started to cleanuup "return codes" in the API which has been all over the place before. This will most likely fix all NSCA/Scheduler issues
* Removed encrypt from the API has it has not been implemented for some time
* Fixed issues and problems with unit tests
* Added exec from clients (i.e. web and test):
  Usage: exec any help
       exec mymodule mycommand
* Fixed python to string (will log better when it cant convert to string)
* Fixed so python script will unregister its commands on reload
* Added support for unregistring commands
* Fixed erratic segv in clients when socket is closed twice
* Started to implement trace logging
* Added target_mode flag to exec to diverge between targeted commands and generic ones.
* Tweked some build issues
pre-release4 years ago