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  • removed –format from since there is only one format
  • Added new options to disable sslv2 and sslv3 (enabled by default in secure/safe mode)
  • #74 Fixed check_process empty list returns ok status
  • #72 Fixed issue with rate counters not working.
  • #75 Fixed so modules have a version block
  • Fixed so version use . not ,
  • updated changelog nad bumped version
  • #75 Fixed error reporter information and improved the icon
  • #75 Changed icon name to something more sensible
  • Updated html help installer
  • #73 set legacy performance data suffix to empty.
  • Added option to set suffix/prefixes to empty using perf-config.
    check_pdh … perf-config=*(suffix:none)
  • Fixed missing sample from documentation
  • Use the same name/desc for password (common key)
  • #71 service name is now nsclient on both redhat/centos el6 and el7
  • #70 config file no longer replaced when upgrading on linux
  • Fixed issue when upgrading/reinstalling the service and certificate was already generated
  • #69 service should now be compatible with chkconfig command
4 years ago