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Bugfix release as well as some new additions such as the check_ping command.

See detailed changelog:

2015-04-29 Michael Medin

  • Improved handling around connection failures
  • #142 Improved security when external scripts fails
    command lines which may contain password are no longer returned

2015-04-27 Michael Medin

  • Improved the logging around connection failures
  • Improved the reporter syntax:
    reporter.exe send b1438ab2-20a3-4b2d-bc30-7c3033c084e1.dmp

2015-04-08 Michael Medin

  • #139 Added support for showing file dates in local time (not just UTC)
  • Added check_ping command and CheckNet module
  • Fixed a few potential crashes with check_nt

2015-03-24 Michael Medin

  • #123 fixed CheckAllOthers
  • #124 Fixed problem count variable
  • #131 Added support for service= to check_service
  • A lot of infrastrucutre changes and build fixes

2015-02-23 Michael Medin

  • Fixed check_files empty message to say files not drives.
  • #114 Fixed issue with empty-state which was ignored
  • A lot of infrastrucutre changes and build fixes

2015-02-14 Michael Medin

  • Fix incorrect variable in check_page_filter()
  • Add pct to check_pagefile
    This is basically a clone of f90ab0bf which added pct to check_memory.
5 years ago