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Full changelog is here:

2014-03-10 MickeM
 * Fixed server restarting listeners on errors

2014-03-08 MickeM
 * Added total object to check_files
 * Fixed registry issues

2014-03-06 MickeM
 * Fixed performance config order
 * Fixed external script alias and support for help-csv

2014-03-05 MickeM
 * Fixed crash dump issue
 * Fixed memory leak in NSCA

2014-03-04 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with CheckTaskSched and status #702
 * Improved rendering of status #702
 * Added some debug logging to eventlog to help diagnose issues
 * Fixed default crash dump folder config issue

2014-02-23 MickeM
 * Changed so uniq is default for eventlog checks (if no arguments are given)
 * Fixed drives so they are more sensible
 * Added drive_or_id and drive_or_name to configure the default "id" of drives.
 * Fixed so legacy MaxWarn/MinWarn/MaxCrit/MinCrit are treated like >= and <= (which is the original behaviour)
 * Changed so default "help" if invalid syntax is the short version.
 * Removed erronouse logging when shutting down sockets
 * Tweaked console output a bit
 * Fixed check_uptime overflow issue

2014-01-25 MickeM
 * Fixed FILEAGE check_nt command #480, #636, #642, #39 (and others)
 * Fixed delayed start issue in check_service #681
 * Fixed not regexp issue #651
 * Fixed default service name
 * Fixed issue with scan-range #683
 * Fixed uptime performance alias (and added unit s) #688
 * Fixed issue with CkeckCPU show-all: #687
 * Fixed issue with check_ping.bat #635
 * Fixed documentation for nsca hostname #690
 * Fixed validation issues with lists #605
 * Fixed so external script errors are reported againast the alias not the command #677

2014-01-04 MickeM
 * Numerous bugfixes and compatiblity fixes
 * Gone over all unit tests to make sure they run

2013-12-23 MickeM
 * Added support for unique
 * Fixed unique and debug flags in CheckEventLog

2013-12-20 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with check_nt and units beeing reounded to nearest bg, mg, kb, etc)
 * Added support for configuring performance data

2013-12-18 MickeM
 * Fixed source in new eventlog
 * Added truncate-message option to check eventlog to truncate the message
 * Added filtering of cr,lf in eventlog messages
 * Fixed performance data naming in event log

2013-12-10 MickeM
 * renamed "full config" sample to reduce confusion.
 * Fixed numerous issues with check_files and CheckFiles (now all CheckFiles unit test work as expected)

2013-12-09 MickeM
 * Fixed a crash in handling ${status} in some filters.
 * Added check_nrpe to the installer
 * Changed symbol paths (in zip) now correspond to what breakpad expects

2013-12-05 MickeM - RC3
 * Added suport for instances (new keyword instances) to check_pdh
 * Fixed more compatiblity issues

2013-12-04 MickeM
 * Added check_cpu_ex.lua script to return top consumers for check_cpu command.
 * Harmonized the compatiblity layer so all commands "work the same"

2013-12-03 MickeM
 * Added new command: filter_perf to filter the returned performance data
 * Fixed some issues (API changes) in Lua script module

2013-11-29 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with logger

2013-11-28 MickeM
 * Added %() for all expressions to make esacping in nagios simpler.
 * Fixed crash in check_nscp
 * CheckDriveSize (compatiblity) fixed support for multiple bounds will only use "one of them" though.
 * Fixed some regression issues for check_nt (disk, memory uptime, services)
 * Added $ARGS$ to CheckExternalScript to add scripts with variable argument lists
 * Added $ARGS"$ to CheckExternalScript to add scripts with qouted variable argument lists

2013-11-27 MickeM
 * Fixed _user arguments for check:drivesize (which can be used for drives with qouta)

2013-11-26 MickeM
 * Improved compatiblity for CheckDriveSize
 * Added total (option) to check_drive to get/check the total size of all (matching) drives
 * Fixed bounds calculation for check_drivesize
 * Fixed issue with the show-all flag beeing on by default.
 * Fixed issue with converting to byte units for very large/small numbers

2013-11-22 MickeM
 * Updated documentation
 * Added sample for most commands
 * Fixed syntax issues with online help
 * Fixed so PDF documentation builds correctly
 * Fixed check_uptime to be more sensible (i.e. uptime is just a value not a strange date thingy)
 * Added compatiblity for CheckTaskSched

2013-11-21 MickeM
 * Fixed some check_drivesize perfdata issues
 * Fixed check_drivesize type filter keyword
 * Fixed CheckDriveSize compatiblity issues

2013-11-20 MickeM
 * Added support for setting source in schedules to override hostname
 * Fixed real-time eventlog defaults

2013-11-19 MickeM
 * Fixed links in documentation
 * Fixed bugs in documentation generator (missing sections)
 * Fixed hostnames for NSCA/NRDP

2013-11-17 MickeM
 * Fixed CheckEventLog compatiblity

2013-11-08 MickeM
 * Improved check_nt compatiblity
 * Added back lines as alias for list in top syntaxes.

2013-11-08 MickeM
 * Finally fixed broken unit test on "linux" (Which was a case error as always, damn you ntfs!!)
 * Fixed some dependencies in the vagrant puppet conf
 * Added oracle linux vagrant profile (but doesn't seem to work :(
 * Added support for external script (Linux side)
 WARNING: No timeout handling (yet)
 * Added test cases for external script to ctest

2013-11-07 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with NSCA hostname (NSCAClient load).
 * Fixed check_nt commands
 * Added vagrant files to load-up machines and build NSClient++ (ubuntu)

2013-11-03 MickeM
 * Fixed so lua script are now loaded with a missing .lua extension
 * Fixed Lua some remaining invalid lua functio issues.
 * Fixed unit test for Lua scripts.
 * Fixed forwarding (for clients)
 * Fixed test_nrpe (lua)

2013-10-29 MickeM
 * Added json_sprit as a submodule to see if this works better.
 * Changed so json_sprit now builds using their own cmake file which means it should hopefully be better ready for future versions.

2013-10-28 MickeM
 * Compatiblity layer added for most "old" checks.
 The way this works is that CheckCpu is the old check and check_cpu is the new.
 * Fixed a lot of check related bugs
 * Added a bunch of check related options such as exclude and so on and so forth.

2013-10-20 MickeM
 * Added real-time checks for cpu and memory (CheckSystem)
 * Refactored client handling a bit to make it simpler to create stand alone clients.
 * Added check_nrpe client

2013-10-17 MickeM
 * A lot of Linux fixes
 * Refactored real-time stuff to make it easier to add in new places
 * NSCA/NRPE fixes

2013-10-10 MickeM
 * Added back CheckWMI based on new filters.
 * Fixed issues with building on Linux
 * Added support for WMI and float types (type 4 and 5)

2013-09-24 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with performance data and byte based units
 * Added total to check_pagefile

2013-09-23 MickeM
 * Removed page (since it often is wrong)
 * Added check_pagefile (to check pagefile usage)
 * removed nobp (wince it was for NT4 and we dont support nt4)
 * Removed debug symbols (since breakpad symbols work)

2013-09-19 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with skipping registry
 * Added page (commited - physical) memory metric

2013-09-17 MickeM
 * Added support for new eventlog API.
 This means NSClient++ can FINALLY! check all eventlogs on windows 2008 and windows 2012!

2013-09-16 MickeM
 * Fixed NRPE issue

2013-09-09 MickeM
 * Fixed check_multi
 * added new options to check_multi (suffic, prefix and separator) to better control the output
 * starting services (auto-start) is now a warning state.

2013-09-08 MickeM
 * Brand new filters
 * Modernised check_cpu
 * Modernised check_process
 * Modernised check_service
 * Modernised check_uptime
 * Modernised check_tasksched
 * Merged CheckTaskSched1 and CheckTaskSched2 into CheckTaskSched
 * Added check_os_version

2013-05-05 MickeM
 * Fixed a bug in the check_logfile which made filtering bail-out after the first hit.
 * Added default column-split as \t

2013-04-30 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with negative performance data
 * Added unit test for arguments and external script
 * Fixet truncation issue with performance data (#624)

2013-04-27 MickeM
 * Fixed bug added in build 95 regarding allowing nasty characters

2013-04-24 MickeM
 * Added auto-uc to get hostname as upper case

2013-04-23 MickeM
 * Added encoding option to external scripts
 * Added encoding option to NSCAClient
 * Added NSCPDOTNET.dll for making dot-net plugins

2013-04-22 MickeM
 * Fixed an issue with % in warn and crit thresholds for CheckCPU

2013-04-21 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with eventlog reset (will not rescan from the beginning if an error is encountered)

2013-04-16 MickeM
 * re-added check_nt FILEAGE option.

2013-04-13 MickeM
 * Fixed issue with binding to multiple interfaces (ie. machines with both ipv6 and ipv4 addresses).
 * Fixed some missing documentation from core settings keys such as /settings/log and /includes.
 * Added debug message warning about having $ARG??$ in external scripts wehn allowe arguments is false.
 * Removed need to escape and qoute commands for external scripts (command line will now be used as-is)
 * Fixed qouting issues with external scripts

2013-01-21 MickeM
 * Fixed two include files issues

2013-01-19 MickeM
 * Fixed Wix 3.7 and added wix to dependencies
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