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6f019cc CI Update
e9b699e Use correct paths and use precompiled lib
2684a14 Cleanup and copy to other pipelines
ae6cf6f create dir
4460e01 Docker build use only backend
32fbc1d Install as before, move frontend build correctly
23ce931 Compile test
d331ea8 Use yarn set version
5825d70 Use yarn 2 from npm
8f072e9 Cleanup
3d13aef Fix path
b2d975e Dont install, just cache
3fcf046 Fix lint
a391ca9 Remove git
308973d Remove frontend from container
403cf02 Use alpine 3.12.0 tag
93bd19e Fix path
8826d46 Fix path
3fc5e9f Update documentation path
c555529 Update lockfile
68bbfc7 ⬆ Update dependency @types/react to v16.9.38 (#1198)
6cd93b0 CI Update
273e0b2 Use monorepo build template
28d1c3d ⇧Update home-assistant-js-websocket to v5.3.0

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