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This release adds some new features (as well as the usual updates) including checklists, custom click actions for entities, and some general performance and usability improvements.


32acd4c Entity Click Action (#1218)
ee1602f Add headings to individual entity configs
cb7c483 Update lockfile
c010d4e ⬆ Update dependency home-assistant-js-websocket to v5.4.1 (#1216)
76d1fa4 ⬆ Update dependency jest to v26.1.0 (#1217)
b805e9e Replace up down arrows with left right for cards
0f6f87c Dont allow group movement at start or end
73d8c5b Split Groups from Overview
83cfb96 Merge branch ‘master’ of
e212762 Fix for weather entities with no forecast
db25807 ⬆ Update dependency helmet to v3.23.3 (#1215)
28fcce5 ⬆ Update dependency @types/superagent to v4.1.8 (#1214)
0db340c Update image
d9a8726 Add sponsor image link
423f046 Dont allow cards to be moved past start or end
4b81fd4 Update lockfile
62a5fc7 ⬆ Update dependency @types/react to v16.9.41 (#1211)
42fb91a Update lockfile
a382463 Checklist (#1207)
4311ce6 ⬆ Update dependency @types/jest to v26.0.3 (#1209)
8108930 ⬆ Update dependency @types/node to v14.0.14 (#1210)
d9dc4c2 ⬆ Update dependency @types/react-color to v3.0.4 (#1212)
9747571 ⬆ Update dependency @types/recharts to v1.8.13 (#1213)
4cdfd26 ⬆ Update dependency eslint to v7.3.1 (#1208)
a64c04f Update tasks
c738d70 Performance improvements (#1206)
64f5455 Home assistant connecting state
3f2b6d8 ⬆ Update dependency moment to v2.27.0 (#1205)
33dae02 ⬆ Update dependency eslint to v7.3.0 (#1201)

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