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  • many improvements to cursor & zoom-drag behavior by @EmiPhil:
    • reliable snapping to chart edges (#244)
    • adaptive zoom-drag modes with minimum drag distance opts (opts.cursor.drag.uni, opts.cursor.drag.dist)
    • zoom-variations demo
    • better sync behavior that now defaults to syncing by scale value rather than % across chat widths, this allows much more ergonomic ranger demo implementation & better behavior (opts.cursor.sync.scales):
    • zoom-ranger x-only
    • zoom-ranger x/y
  • cursor hover points no longer remain visible after zooming to a scale range without data. (#237)
  • graceful fallback when axis.values is customized with a reduced granularity without also reducing axis.incrs (#234)
  • it’s now possible to omit both series and data entirely without having to create placeholder data & series (#217)
  • fix series point diameters when series.width: 0.
  • typings fixups, some other minor stuffs.
one month ago