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AviSynth+ 3.6.1
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  • Fix: proper handling of autoload directories precedence:
    PluginDir+ in Software/Avisynth in HKEY_CURRENT_USER (highest priority)
    PluginDir+ in Software/Avisynth in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
    PluginDir2_5 in Software/Avisynth in HKEY_CURRENT_USER
    PluginDir2_5 in Software/Avisynth in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (lowest priority)
    Plugin (dll file name) found in a lower priority folder will not load if a similarly named plugin
    already existed earlier.
  • fix: GeneralConvolution: incorrect parse of negative integer coefficient (added +1)
    Regression since r2772.
  • Fix: GeneralConvolution: possible crash when chroma=true for 420 and 422 formats
  • Fix: ScriptClip + Runtime function object (which are new in 3.6) under heavy multithreading
  • New: Histogram(“levels”) to allow greyscale
  • Fix 3.6 regressions
    • when explicit “return last” was needed when followed by legacy function definition.
    • Windows XP is supported again (thread local storage workaround)
    • Stabilize CPP 2.5 plugins
    • allow forced named arrays usage again from plugins (MP_PipeLine)
  • Frame property related constants to match existing enum style in avisynth.h.
    Plus they are not colliding now with VapourSynth’s definitions.

*_vcredist* = Includes the MSVC 2019 Redistributable
*_xp = Can be used on Windows XP
*-filesonly = Only the .dll files themselves, no installer. Includes both normal and -xp variants.
*_arm64test = Test build for Windows 10 on ARM64 processors.

If you’re unsure of which to download, pick AviSynthPlus_3.6.1_20200619_vcredist.exe

20 days ago