hex tesla 1.0.0
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4 years ago


This is a major release that includes a number of breaking changes.
If you upgrade from 0.x see the migration guide.

Breaking changes

  • [#159] Dropped aliases support
  • [#171] Dropped local middleware/adapter functions
  • [#176] Dropped client as function
  • [#164] Dropped support for Elixir 1.3
  • [#177] get(..), post(..), etc. now return {:ok, Tesla.Env.t} | {:error, reason}
    (There are get!, post!, ... functions with 0.x behaviour
  • [#160] Headers are now a list
  • [#150] DebugLogger merged into Logger
  • [#175] Jason is the new default JSON library
  • Adapter options need to be wrapped in :adapter key:

There has been 0 changes between v1.0.0-beta.1 and v1.0.0 (except for version bump v1.0.0-beta.1...v1.0.0)

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