gnome-gitlab World/Phosh/phosh v0.37.1

latest release: v0.38.0
23 days ago

Summary of changes

  • Fix background scaling after rotation
  • Adjust session startup for gnome-session >= 46 which broke all
    backwards compat by not accepting --systemd anymore.
  • Contributors:
    • Guido Günther

Detailed changes

phosh (0.37.1) experimental; urgency=medium
  * background: Use getters.
    Easier to read and avoids g_object_get() round trip
    (cherry picked from commit a43767158b9ee4c5a8190bd75f35674057f925f1)
  * background-manager: Refresh the background on monitor configuration changes.
    Otherwise we keep using the old pixmap which likely doesn't fit the
    current scale or screen orientation.
    (cherry picked from commit ba43d796764c1e56873c045d45508bd5bf2ca1d5)
  * background: Exit early if layer surface isn't fully configured yet.
    We can't query width or height if configuration isn't done.
    (cherry picked from commit 8c2b2adb1276f64f5f9cf4fded5dc215d4e85da9)
  * session: Only append session manager if supported by gnome-session
    gnome-session dropped support for --builtin and --systemd. So don't
    append that argument if it doesn't show up in gnome-session's help
  * build: Use systemd session manager by default
    gnome-session dropped support for the builtin manager in 46.

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