gitlab smedius/desktop-icons-ng Gtk4-74

latest releases: Gtk4-76, Gtk4-75
one month ago
  • Gtk4 version 74 for Gnome 45, 46 - bug fix again.
  • Fix keyboard app accelerator shortcut for making new folder hanging program. (Sundeep Mediratta)
  • Fix for importing GLibUnix properly with recent namespace seperation from GLib.Unix_* (Sundeep Mediratta)
  • Fix for unresolved promise error on right click fileItemMenu, code called was removed from desktopGrid. (Sundeep Mediratta)
  • Move ignored keys to Enums, away from code. (Sundeep Mediratta)
  • Weblate translations. (Weblate Authors)
  • Update, metadata.json. Version bump to 74.

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