gitlab smedius/desktop-icons-ng Gtk4-73

latest release: Gtk4-74
9 days ago
  • Fix fileItemRectangleFitsGrid - had incorrect calculation. (Sundeep Mediratta)
  • Completely refactor desktopgrid, make local and global methods, organize and comment the file, remove unneeded code. (Sundeep Mediratta)
  • With above move elementSpacing to Enums, add optional padding in Enums that can be applied to the grid to postion the icons away from all edges and margins. (Sundeep Mediratta)
  • Show all possible apps to open a folder, as only suggested apps often do not show apps that can also handle folders. (Sundeep Mediratta)
  • Fix desktop window stealing and retaining focus on startup and on any workspace change with gestures. (Sundeep Mediratta)
  • Further weblate translations. (Weblate Authors)

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