gitlab Mr_Goldberg/goldberg_emulator v0.2.4

latest release: 0.2.5
4 years ago

Added tools to generate the steam_interfaces.txt file on Windows and Linux.

Fixed mordhau client not joining server.

Fixed Age of Empires 2 HD handshake issue.

Fixed dead rising 2 otr not loading save.

Fixed rust crashing on start.

Fixed Dungeon Siege 3.

Fixed Resident Evil 6 not joining game.

It is now possible to make the emulator connect to custom ips/domains using the new custom broadcasts functionality.

Added a way to set app/dlc paths.

Added support for isteamgameserver 005-011

Steam remote storage folder structure is now exactly like on real steam.

Added builds built automatically every time a new commit is pushed to git.

Added support for loading luma ceg plugin dll in experimental build.

Made a few behaviors more accurate.

Fixed a few bugs.

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