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Release v10.21.0

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8 days ago


  • Add allowManualEntry property to numeric metadata to indicate whether states are only informational or restrict the possible values (#5806)


  • Make Driver and ZWave[Application]Host interfaces compatible for external projects (#5796)
  • Correct return type for Configuration CC setBulk command (#5803)
  • Add catch-all overload to ScheduleEntryLockCC.getScheduleCached (#5805)
  • Clean up Window Covering CC values (#5807)
  • Optimize config parameter scan during the interview (#5811)
  • Always include the duration field in the serialized buffer for CC versions that support it (#5809)
  • Consider endpoints when force-adding CCs mandatory for Z-Wave+ v2 devices, add logs (#5820)

Config file changes

  • Disable Supervision for Simon IO Roller Blind 700 series (#5819)

Changes under the hood

  • Influence the setValue implementation of CC APIs using hooks (#5808)

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