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2.49.0-rc.1 (2024-03-28)

Bug Fixes

  • add organizationID query for user v2 ListUsers and clean up depeprecated attribute (#7593) (319ebe7)
  • allow login by email case-insensitive (#7578) (7e24a1a)
  • api: correct mapping of metadata queries (#7609) (6eb982e)
  • API: remove deprecated organisation_id from user factor in session service (#7631) (a83829b)
  • detect mime type of uploaded asset (#7648) (841e793)
  • fill resourceowner of project into usergrant projection (#7605) (517398b)
  • login: display username after registration with idp (#7598) (b2d7352)
  • oidc: define audience inside auth request instead of token creation (#7610) (9d5cd12)
  • prevent custom urn:zitadel:iam claims (#7647) (1121ebf)
  • properly handle otp sms challenge notification in session api (#7653) (1e53aab)
  • remove resourceowner read from context in user v2 api (#7641) (8464421)
  • setup: enable init-projection by default (#7616) (d313e6d)


  • actions: in external authentication (#7571) (cc26eb1)
  • add user v2 pw change required information on query (#7603) (2177033)
  • api: add possibility to retrieve user schemas (#7614) (7494a7b)
  • console: guide users when configuring IDPs (#7572) (d26391a)
  • oidc: token exchange impersonation (#7516) (6398349)

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