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API Refresh! (Also deprecated IE<9 support)

latest releases: v2.3.0, v2.2.0, v2.1.6...
8 years ago

ZeroClipboard v2.0.0

ZeroClipboard v2.0.0 features:

  • A completely refreshed API (see docs/api/
  • Synthetic mouse event bubbling
  • Enhanced Clipboard support: rather than just plain text, you can now also inject into the HTML and RTF segments of the clipboard as well!
  • Split out a "ZeroClipboard.Core.js" conceptual sub-module for simplified consumption by 3rd party wrappers.
  • Sourcemap support for developer debugging of minified code
  • Bug fixes
  • Removed deprecated and/or unnecessarily public methods
  • Officially deprecated support for IE<9. Actual support code will be removed in an upcoming patch release.

Complete Diff


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