github zalando/spilo 1.6-p5

latest releases: 2.1-p5, 2.1-p4, 2.1-p3...
21 months ago
  • Includes lates minor versions of PostgreSQL
  • Added missing basebackup_fast_xlog section referenced from the standby_cluster (#435)
  • Timescaledb 1.7.2 (#464)
  • is executed with synchronous_commit=local (#440)
  • Fix permissions of PGDATA on restart (#447)
  • Added the pgaudit extension (#448)
  • Added helper script for pgq which grants pgq_* roles to the admin role (#454)
  • Removed pspg pager (#470)
  • Enabled core dumps with shared memory filter (#475)
  • Propagate AWS_REGION environment variable to wal-e/wal-g configuration (#478)
  • Make sure certificates are owned by the postgres user (#479)


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